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No, we are not based on the tv show, Supernatural, however we are a group centered around supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, etc...
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Kurt Westfall

Kurt Westfall

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PostSubject: ~KURT WESTFALL~MALE~EIDOLON~   ~KURT WESTFALL~MALE~EIDOLON~ I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 07, 2016 2:30 am

"The lonliest people are the kindest, the saddest people smile the brightest, and the most damaged people are the wisest, all because they don't want anyone to suffer the same way they do." ~Anonymous

~KURT WESTFALL~MALE~EIDOLON~ Levitating_island_of_awesomeness_by_axlrosie-d6po1h8

General Information~

Character Full Name: Kurt Westfall
Name Meaning: none
Nicknames: Star gazer, Star boy, Pluto,  
Age: 95 (again, this is around 14 for an eidolon)
Gender: male
Species: eidolon


Full Body Appearance: Kurt's brown hair is swept up with gel, keeping it's length out of his golden yellow eyes that are often glowing because of the storm of emotions inside of him, He wears a white tank top, with a formal blue pinstripe suite. He has a red tie around his neck, and his feet are covered by red converse shoes. To finish his outfit, he wears a brown trench coat.
Kurt's body frame is thin and long, his arms and legs making up most of his body. He has muscular arms and legs, as he runs track on the school team.

Height: 6 feet and nine inches.
Weight: 85 pounds. as fire weighs about nothing.

Hair Color: brown
Eyes: golden yellow

Items: a pair of 3-D glasses he sometimes wears
Weapons: a silver katana he summons out of thin air.

~KURT WESTFALL~MALE~EIDOLON~ Tattoos_and_bacon_by_gomeric85-d55lvm2

Personal Information~


Kind, socially awkward, anxious, protective,


"Are you alright? did they hurt you again? Please, let me help you..."

~socially awkward~

the eidolon hated crowds, they were so stuffy and odd. He bumped into someone, he froze, panic making him jumpy. His social anxiety got worse in crowds, a lot worse. He backed away from the person he had bumped into. "S-Sorry about that.." as he was backing up, he stumbled into another person. He apologized hastily before weaving out of the crowd.


He fiddled with the 3-D glasses in his hands, accidentally popping out one of the flimsy lenses. "Son of a....." he looked up. "Son of an apple...."


The eidolon leaped in front of his friends without a second thought, his golden eyes glowing like flame as their enemy grew closer. "Don't touch them. If you do, I can assure you that you will be hunted down by every single eidolon on the planet." He wasn't usually this forward, but these people were his only family, he had no one else.

Likes: His friends, fire, space, science, school,
Dislikes: being bullied, bullies, jerks,
Fears: death, how he'll die, syringes, his friends dying, tools of surgery and dissection, genocide

Family & Friends~
Parents: none (Eidolons are born when lightening strikes lava)
Siblings: none
Extended Family: none


~Flaming Sparks~

Kurt, like any other eidolon, was born when a bolt of lightening struck molten rock, lava, however, Kurt's mothering mountain wasn't just any volcano, it was the mighty Mt. Vesuvius. It was a dark storm, a long fork of lightening reached down into the gaping maw of Vesuvius, striking it's molten contents. Sparks sizzled as they hit the lava, a small orb of liquid fire rose, departing from it's liquid group. The orb began to harden into a statue, a statue of an infant. The infant statue rose higher, slowly stone turned to flesh, and the amber chips for eyes softened into optical tissue. The small infant knew only a handful of things, what he was, where he came from, and what his name was. The wind rushed faster, carrying Kurt on a bed of fire into the forest, The wind gently set the infant eidolon on the ground, he was hidden. He grew at the rate of a human until he reached fourteen, then his aging slowed rapidly. He often got extra attention in public because of his amber eyes, so the eidolon didn't leave his home beside his mothering mountain unless he absolutely needed too. it was on one of those trips when he was taken. Kurt was out grocery shopping when he was snatched from his residence by Mt. Vesuvius when he was heading back home, he was swiftly brought to The scientist's labs.


The first experiment on the young eidolon was by far the least painful. They first drew blood, Kurt didn't flinch, as he was used to thorns piercing his skin. It was when they tried to starve him that made him angry. The scientists wanted to know how long Kurt could go without food, so they strapped him to a metal table with nothing to do except to think. And that's exactly what the eidolon did. He thought long and hard about his predicament and what he could've done to avoid it, in the end he couldn't think of anything and he drifted into slumber. The next day Kurt awoke to a human, they came with water, Kurt drank some of the fluid and was left alone again. Hunger had begun to set in, it was only annoying at this point and he knew it would take him exactly two weeks to become starving. the process of drink, think, sleep, go to the bathroom, etc, repeated until the end of the first week. At the end of the first week, the scientists began injecting liquid nitrogen into his veins, making him scream and thrash. Each day the torture was repeated until the humans were confident he was weak enough for the next experiment. The humans finally gave Kurt food when he passed out from the first liquid nitrogen injection of the day. Even though it was only enough to make him half full, it was the best food the eidolon had ever tasted. The second experiment was submerging him in fresh glacier water. This was the last experiment conducted on him before dissection. No anesthesia was used in the experiment, but his organs were replaced after words. He was sewn up hastily with stitches and tossed into the woods, where he laid dying.

~Dark Angel~

Kurt was delirious with pain, and the scent of his own blood was making him want to puke. He slipped into unconsciousness, his amber glowing eyes half open, he awoke to a gasp and someone picking him up gently and cradling his head in their hands. He looked closer, it was a female, a demon by the looks of it, But right now Kurt saw her as a Dark Angel. He fell into unconsciousness once again, this time he awoke in the hospital, the same female was sitting on a stool beside him and sharpening a knife with a stone. She introduced herself and the two supernaturals soon became friends. Kurt and Aramii went on many adventures together and Aramii even helped Kurt discover a new satellite. The pair had many fun times, when they met Aria Kurt thought everything was perfect, unfortunately, not everything was in fact, perfect, and Kurt would learn that very soon.


    Everything had begun to fall apart. Aramii had her visions, Kurt tried to ask what it was whenever they were alone, But his demonic friend would just open her mouth, close it, and shake her head and cry, it felt like with every tear that fel, a small amount of Kurt's sanity left him, he knew this wasn't the case, but his friend was always so strong, and he wanted to know what happened. He didn't pry however, because he knew that would only make things worse. The only time he actually lost his calm demeanor was when scars and scabs started appearing on Aramii's wrists and forearms. He had grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her in the eye, his eyes were wide in terror as he carefully asked her, his voice trembling, "What are you doing to yourself?! Aramii, Aria and I care about you, please don't do this!" His friend had shrugged him off in silence, her eyes seemed dull, and that broke Kurt's heart. He knew this would get out of hand if he didn't do something. The eidolon had racked his brain, trying to think of a way to help his friend. He was an expert at thinking, during his months in the human lab, he had raised his IQ several levels through deep thinking, unfortunately, he couldn't think of anything to do except for hug Aramii, this was the first hug she had had in years, and she stiffened, eventually she began to melt into it more, and soon they were hugging each other. This is nice. Kurt had thought.

RP Information~

Strengths: fire, lava, extreme heat, heat,
Weaknesses: cold, extreme cold, ice, water,
Rp Point of View: 3rd person
Rp Style: intermediate to advanced.


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