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No, we are not based on the tv show, Supernatural, however we are a group centered around supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, etc...
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PostSubject: Hope Today for a Better Tomorrow    Hope Today for a Better Tomorrow  I_icon_minitimeSat May 07, 2016 6:54 pm

Um, I got a category for this yay! um, here it is hope you like!

It was just a normal day when the infant appeared, Germany, Italy, and Japan were out training, it was sunny with a slight rain, and the Axis Trio were running laps. Italy, as usual, was complaining about every little thing, well, that was until Germany decided to play a small joke on him. “Italy! Look out! England’s coming!” Really the blonde german just wanted to get his friend moving, so he didn’t exactly expect Italy to take off like a rocket at speeds of about five-hundred miles per hour.
Japan laughed as his friend chased after Italy, the war was over, but that didn’t mean Germany would let them get too cozy with the peace, as he saw it, it was only a matter of time until another war started. Soon, the blonde soldier caught up to Italy, which he found surprising since he usually couldn’t catch the brunette when he was in “retreat mode”. “Italy! Vhat are you doing?!” Germany barked, Italy looked up and put a finger to his mouth, asking for silence, although the german was annoyed at this, he stayed quiet, and that’s when he heard it.
The crying of an infant, but it was unclear where it came from. “Ve~ I stopped to get it but I Can’t find it!” Italy explained, Germany grumbled, he knew that the shorter nation would end up wanting to bring the baby home, but one look at him made Germany sigh in defeat. “Go get Japan Italy, I vill stay here and try to find it.” he told his friend, Italy nodded and ran off to get Japan. Germany crouched, looking under the ruined stone wall they were by, unable to find anything, he peered over it. Nothing.
The baby’s cries were growing fiercer now, and Germany got the feeling it had been without food for a while, this made the man’s search more urgent, and he began tearing bricks loose from the wall. The two other members of the Axis trio arrived, Japan was panting, it had taken about ten minutes of sprinting to get here from where Italy had fetched him. “Help me look for It.” Germany ordered, the two nations nodded and began their search.
After about five minutes of searching later, Japan let out a triumphant yell, which by the end turned into a yell of shock. Italy and Germany ran over to their friend, their wide eyes fell on the infant, who’s left leg was buried under a large chunk of rock, it was screaming and crying, although they could now agree it was a female. Italy had screamed and began crying, making Germany question who would do this to suck a young infant.
After freeing her, the trio saw that the wound had punctured her skin, making a deep gash that would definitely scar. “Italy, Go get bandages and antibacterial ointment, Japan, go get some food, I’m going to head back to the house.” Germany told his friends,  Italy and Japan nodded and went off to do their respective tasks, leaving their blonde friend to sprint back to the house with the infant in silence.
When the three met up back at Germany’s home, the baby was bandaged, and Japan had picked up diapers and clothing as well as baby formula. After she was situated, Japan left Germany and Italy to name her. “I’m bad at names…” was his excuse. Germany grumbled, and let Italy decid her first name. “Ve~ I think Marcella would be good, it means ‘young warrior’ in italian!” He explained. Despite himself, Germany smiled, Marcella, yes, that’s fitting I think.  “How about Amsel for a last name? It means Blackbird, I’ve always been rather fascinated by them.” he suggested. Italy nodded excitedly, leaning over to give Germany a kiss on the cheek.
Germany blushed, “Ja, um, I guess we should call Japan again? I mean, we are definitely going to need his help if we vant to raise her.” he stuttered, Italy nodded, reaching over to the phone to call Japan, that’s when the nation spotted a spider on it.
“AAHHHH! GERMANY! GERMANYYYY!” He yelled, launching himself into Germany’s lap. Germany sighed, “Hush, you’re going to make the baby cry.” Marcella did not however cry, she instead just looked at the spider, as if she was fascinated by it’s mere existence.
Germany smiled, maybe it wouldn't be as hard as he had originally thought to raise her. “That’s a spider Marcella, not all of them are safe though, so Italy and I are going to put it back outside.” He knew the baby couldn’t understand, but he wanted her to be used to his voice.
After putting the spider outdoors, Germany and Italy called Japan, he arrived quicker than they had thought he would. “So, Marcella huh?” He asked quietly. Italy smiled, “Ve~ I came up with it!” he proudly exclaimed. Japan smiled, “Hello there Marcella, I am Japan.” He murmured gently. Germany smiled again, this was the most he had smiled in one day.

~Time skip to five years Later~
Marcella laughed, her long black hair reached her shoulders about now, Germany smiled as he picked her up, placing her on his shoulders. “Look Daddy! A rainbow!” she exclaimed. Germany nodded. “We should go look for the end of it!” She laughed, pointing out the window. Well, this just got a whole lot more difficult, but if it’s the end of the rainbow she wants to reach, then we’ll do just that. Germany thought. “Yea, but first let me call Japan.” He lifted Marcella up, placing her on  the ground as Italy brought out papers, paintbrushes, and paint.
After calling Japan, who, after the call, had left to get bags of chocolate gold coins and a cauldron, luckily, it was around halloween time, so it wasn’t that difficult.  After Marcella, Italy, and Germany had finished painting the rainbow, it was obvious that her art was more like Italy’s. Germany hadn’t handled a paintbrush in years, so his painting looked more like a collapsing multicolored arch.
Italy’s rainbow actually looked like a rainbow, as he had put on thin layers, Germany had piled it on so it was oozing everywhere, Marcella’s looked somewhat like Italy’s, but she had painted stick figures of the Axis trio plus herself under it.
Japan had hid the pot of chocolate coins in the direction of the rainbow, it wasn’t a long hike, but it was long enough that you’d get some exercise. When he arrived at Germany and Italy’s house, Marcella ran up to him, her hands covered in paint, and hugged him, Japan was wearing all white clothes, so the stain still adorns his pants.
After Japan had cleaned up, the four left in pursuit of the pot of chocolate gold. In the middle of their search, Marcella got tired, Italy had picked her up and placed her on his shoulders, the five year old had gently tugged on his curl, making the italian squeak.
That continued for about five more minutes until they found the pot. When it was found, Marcella squealed, running up to it, “Daddy! Papa! Look!” She had exclaimed, she used to call both of her fathers ‘daddy’ until she had realized how confusing it was for Italy, now she called the Italian Papa, but Germany stayed as ‘Daddy’.
The Axis trio trudged after a bouncing Marcella, she jumped into the pot, “It’s real Daddy! I knew it! I knew it!” She yelled, Germany laughed, And Italy reached for the blonde nation’s hand. Japan walked forward and took one of the coins in his hand, “This is too light for gold.” He sniffed it and smiled, unwrapping the candy, he held it out to the young nation before him.
Marcella gasped in wonder, putting her small hand around the chocolate, She analyzed it closely as her parents and Japan watched. She quickly shoved in her mouth, making THe Axis trio laugh. “Ve~ Don’t eat too many, We don’t want you getting a stomach ache!” Italy warned with a smile, Germany nodded, and Marcella laughed, “Don’t worry papa! I won’t eat too many because I have to save some for you three!”
Japan smiled, thinking to himself,  She’s going to grow up to be an excellent country.  

Oh wow! That was a lot shorter than i thought. xD hope ya like! I need suggestions for what happens next
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Hope Today for a Better Tomorrow
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