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No, we are not based on the tv show, Supernatural, however we are a group centered around supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, etc...
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 Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith

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Ēsu Hōkinsu

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PostSubject: Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith   Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2016 12:35 pm

"I like to think that I've got determination, and I'm fiercely protective of the people I love." ~ Andrew Lincoln

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Tumblr_mpsdzeG7fa1s2fduoo1_500

::General Information::

Full Name : Ēsu Konā Hōkinsu

Name Meaning : Ace Conner Hawkins

Nicknames : N/A

Age : 18

Gender : Male

Species : Okami X Wraith

Diet : Meat, rarely the typical food for a Wraith : brain

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith E5936e51d02b68c1628a545b63dfdfbe


Ēsu is built for athletics, with a muscular build and broad shoulders. He stands rather tall for a man of his family, already taller than his father. He's rather fit, with muscled arms always hidden by a long-sleeved sweater or jacket. However, due to being half Okami, he has claws in place of fingernails and the 'fangs' of his wolf form.

His skin is a tan color, not too dark nor too light. His eyes, however, are an odd shade of yellowish gold. His hair is a dark black, styled in a quiff.

As a wolf, his unnerving golden eyes remain, and his pelt is a dark black, the color of his hair. His figure is larger than your average wolf, in addition, he has sharper teeth and claws than normal, an effect of being an okami.

Height : 6'2"
Weight : 160 lbs

Hair color : Black
Eye color : yellow/gold

Items : N/A
Weapons : Unnaturally long, sharp claws and teeth

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Tumblr_mkjvz2yuO31s0x8g2o2_250

::Personal Information::

He's reserved, protective, instinctive, threatening, bipolar, loyal, short-tempered, and lonely

Upon scenting an angel approaching, Ēsu growls and bares his teeth. "What?" He snaps coldly, golden eyes locked on her approaching form. "Calm down, I won't hurt you." The angel sighs, keeping her gaze locked on the hybrid's tense form. "I'm Mika, what might your name be?" The angel asks, trying to start conversation after a thick silence. "None of your concern." He growls, walking away with his hands in his pockets.

He trails his claw down the werewolf's chest, a low growl erupting from the chest of both males. "Touch the girl again, and we'll see what happens." He says lowly, keeping the timid angel behind him. He digs his claws into the shoulder of the werewolf, causing a pained howl to erupt from his maw before stalking off with Mika following close behind him in fear.

He growls as he finds himself being shaken awake. "What?" He snaps, teeth baring. "You fell asleep in the hallway, again." Mika frowns. He sighs and goes to get up, but instead finds himself falling back down. "What the heck?!" He snarls, thrashing around until he feels hands holding his. He glares up at Mika as she helps him up. He instantly removes his hands from hers and stalks off, muttering a barely audible thank you.

A smirk is evident on the hybrid's features as he approaches the frightened human. He inhales deeply, satisfied by the strong scent of fear as he places a claw under the human's chin, raising her chin where their eyes meet. "Don't let me find you treating my sister like crap again... I've your scent, and I can track you... killing you in the worst way possible." He whispers, revealing his sharp fang-like teeth as he smirks at the terrified human. The woman nods and whimpers in fear as he stalks away.

Ēsu sits by Mika with a rare, genuinely sypmathetic smile. "What's wrong?" He asks softly, turning her head to look into his unnerving eyes. "Nothing." She says softly, looking away. Anger and hurt flash in the hybrid's eyes and he snarls, turning her head to face him again as he snaps angrily, "Don't lie to me Mika! Something is wrong, and I know when you're lying! Tell me! It's me, isn't it?! If I did something, I need to know!" Mika stares at him with wide eyes, along with anyone else who heard his outburst as he jumps to his feet, narrowing his eyes. "You didn't do anything! I-It's not you! It's... it's.... nevermind." She says, voice softening as she gets up and walks off, staring at the ground, leaving Ēsu to watch with hurt eyes.

Currently N/A

Currently N/A

Ēsu stares longingly at all of the groups around campus, heaving a sigh and leaning against his usual tree. 'I don't see why everyone thinks I'm so unapproachable...' He thinks with his eyes narrowed, resting his head on the bark of the tree, thinking of possible answers to his mental question.

Likes : Darkness. Quiet. Spending time with Mika.

Dislikes : Being alone. Feeling forgotten. Bullying. When people threaten Mika.

Fears : Being forgotten. Losing Mika. Finding out Mika only talks to him out of pity.

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Fernleaf
Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Tumblr_mmok8zlVi61rmdxaeo4_r1_250

::Family and friends::

Parents ~ Mother : Skylar, female, Okami
              Father : Ron, male, Wraith

Siblings ~ Sister : Kyla, female, Okami X Wraith

Extended family ~ Maternal ~ Grandmother : Rose, female, Okami
                                         Grandfather : River, male, Okami
                                          Aunt : N/A
                                          Uncle : N/A
                                          Cousin : N/A
                         Paternal ~ Grandmother : N/A
                                         Grandfather : Luke, male, Wraith
                                          Uncle : Ruben, male, Wraith
                                          Aunt : N/A
                                          Cousin : Lila, female, Wraith X Siren

Important Others ~ Mika, female, angel, close to Ēsu, but not considered a friend in his mind

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Tumblr_nxz5gjBfk21ut8bqao2_250



Ēsu has never been social growing up, and eventually this caused him to think he'd never find anyone that appreciates him. At age 8 he was approached by a little girl named Kya, and he thought he had found a friend, until he found out why she spoke to him. She just felt sorry for him, and never intended on getting attached like she did. She soon, however, found out he was bipolar and just stopped talking to him altogether, causing his condition to worsen. At age age of 10, he completely shut everyone out, therefore deemed 'unapproachable' by everyone.

Teen years

Ēsu still hasn't spoken to anyone, and he doesn't plan on it. However, when Mika forced her way into his empty heart, he felt for once, appreciated. Ēsu eventually found himself trusting the girl, and she's now the only person he'll talk around. If she isn't around, he's his usual self : anti-social, silent, and avoided. However, if she trusts someone, he'll at least attempt to start trusting them.

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith 2473be2158dc4d1c838f01867e322639

::Extra Information::

Ēsu has more patience than it's thought he would, he does however get set off very easily, due to his history with others. The only person he doesn't get cross with so far is Mika, but that might not last as long as they think it will.

Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Tumblr_m8dk7ch27D1qzny6do2_250

::RP Information::

Strengths : Athletics. Fighting. His patience. He's very observant.

Weaknesses : He ignores almost everyone. He refuses to speak to anyone but Mika. He's bipolar, which results in people having to be very careful talking to him... if they talk to him.

RP Point of view : 3rd person

RP Style : To be determined
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Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith   Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2016 8:51 pm

Accepted! Have fun!
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Ēsu Hōkinsu // Male // Okami X Wraith
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