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No, we are not based on the tv show, Supernatural, however we are a group centered around supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, etc...
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 Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel

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Derek Reynolds

Derek Reynolds

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PostSubject: Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel   Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 07, 2016 7:44 pm

"I've always said it was interesting to watch devils cry when angels want to stab you in the back. I like that mixture." ~Norman Reedus

Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel 919663afca61021b6984664db13a2bf7

::General Information::

Name : Derek Reynolds
Name meaning : N/A
Nicknames : N/A
Age : 19
Gender : Male
Species : Werewolf x Fallen Angel


Derek's skin is a dark tanned color, appearing a little darker as you move further down his torso. His hair is a dark shade of brown, appearing black. His usual style is a quiff, using hair-gel he steals from his father. When his hair is wet, it's another story. It covers his forehead and a good bit of his intimidating gaze.

His eyes are an intimidating dark moss blue with darker green hues, making them appear a shade darker. They do, however, seemingly lighten and darken depending on his mood, though this doesn't actually occur.

His build is the stereotypical jock : muscular, tall, and athletic. Derek is very fit, due to constant running, and he towers over his maternal family members, for his father's side of the family is very tall.

In his wolf form, however, he is still very large and muscular, with a thick black coat, with few white areas. His eyes are a dark crimson, from his mother's side of the family, whereas he has his father's black coat. He has an agile, swift figure and stands taller than most other lupines.

Height : Human ~ 6'4"
           Wolf ~ 3 ft at the shoulder

Hair color : Human ~ Dark brown/black
                Wolf ~ Black and white

Eye color : Human ~ Dark moss blue/green
               Wolf ~ Crimson

Items : Derek wears a silver chain necklace, but for his sake it's false silver.

Weapons : In human form, he carries a small hunting knife in its sheath in one of his pockets
In his wolf form, however, he uses his unnaturally sharp claws and teeth to his advantage

Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel Tumblr_inline_mphcitoInW1qz4rgp

::Personal Information::

Derek is blunt, sarcastic, flirtatious, charming, protective, short-tempered, stubborn, reliable, honest, immature, negative at times, and intimidating

"Okay, listen, I think we've made it pretty clear your presence is unneeded and unwanted. So if you could chase your tail elsewhere, and leave us be, you'd be doing my sanity a huge favor."

"Where's dad?" His little sister asks, staring up at the older hybrid with bright crystal blue eyes. "In the dad place." He mutters whilst rolling his eyes, earning a scoff from the 13 year old girl.

"Hello, I don't believe we've met before. Name's Derek, Derek Reynolds. Might I ask the name of such an attractive woman like yourself?"

"Sweetheart, I'm catching a little bit of interest in those eyes of yours, is it safe to say I've won this little game?" (but he also has a charming smirk he flashes, after flirting or without)

"Lay a hand on them again and you'll find out just what I'm capable of. Trust me, you won't be walking away from me uninjured in the future."

"I see you don't understand that you're getting on my nerves.. so let me clarify. Get away from me before I scratch your eyes out and shove them down your throat. I am not by any means joking."

"I don't want to take my sister to school. Therefore I won't. Get your new wife to do it, dad."

"Reese, sister, I promised you I would take you to the park after school today. Did you not believe me? I'm offended. I'm sure in your 13 years of life you've learned by now that I keep to my promises."

"Umm.. Reese... I don't know any easy way to say this.. so.. I'm just gonna say it, please don't hate me. I'm sorry to say that I accidentally broke your bike while trying to clean the garage.. I was moving my car and accidentally ran it over."

"Dad! Dad! The trolls are back! I was cleaning my room and I heard laughing!" He shouts, rushing to his amused father. "Son.. your sister is outside with her friends, and they're laughing." The older man chuckles, ruffling his son's hair before going back to cooking.

"I'm sorry. Did I hear you right? You're calling the authorities?Please, enlighten me on how you'll do that after I slam your head into the wall until your brain no longer functions. How exactly will you rat me out then?"

"I can name 100 ways this will end in us being killed, idiot. For starters, this plan is physically impossible. Even for angels such as yourself, Andrew. Give up."

Likes : Basketball, Baseball, Running, Spending time with his sister, Rainy days, Sunny days, Warm weather, Reading

Dislikes : Having nothing to do, Being limited, School, Homework, Snow days, Cold weather, People who are too positive

Fears : His biological mother, Small spaces, Thunder or anything sounding like it

Parents :
Biological mother : Rayne Reynolds-Sanders
Biological father : Shane Reynolds
Step-mother : Mary Anderson-Reynolds
Step-father : Shawn Sanders

Siblings :
Step-sister : Reese Anderson-Reynolds
Biological brother : John Reynolds (age 22)

Extended family :

Niece : Ashley Reynolds
Sister-in-law : Carly Reynolds (formerly Forester)

Paternal ~
Grandfather : Richard Reynolds
Grandmother : Tara Reynolds
Aunt  : Ileana Johnson
Uncle :Tim Johnson (Ileana's husband, his father lacks brothers)

Maternal ~
Grandfather : Christopher King
Grandmother : Kate King
Aunt : Sasha King
Uncle : Hunter King

Important Others ~ Andrew Knight, angel, age 18
                          Kristel Paulson, werewolf, age 17
                          Corey Owens, fallen angel, age 19


History ~


Derek has never been a social child. He's usually hiding somewhere in the forest while his parents fight. One day, at the age of 8, he met Andrew and Corey in the woods, playing football. The 3 instantly hit it off, and became great friends. When Derek turned 10, his parents finalized the divorce. Everyone seemed happier with his crazed mother gone, and the neighborhood was definitely more enjoyable.

Age 16

At age 16, Derek met Kristel in an interesting way.He and the boys were playing football at the park, when they saw a cute girl. Corey and Andrew dared Derek to flirt with her, since he's flirtatious of the 3. He went over and started to flirt, remaining subtle, until she growled at him and punched him in the gut. She smirked at his pain while Corey and Andrew laughed, resulting in them getting shown 'the bird'. After all laughing it off, in Derek's case groaning in pain, they introduced themselves and somehow, miraculously, Derek and Kristel became very close friends.


Kristel and Derek are often thought to be dating because they've gotten so close over a span of 3 years. However, they always deny it. Though they deny everything, their actions say other-wise. They act as a couple, and because of this, girls that despise Kristel are trying to catch the attention of the male. But, they fail each time, being loyal and keeping up the act. His instincts have grown stronger over the years, and he doesn't hesitate to act instinctively, but he's still as flirtatious as he always was, since he has no woman to keep him from flirting or checking out other females.

::Extra Information::

Derek is mostly in his wolf form in his free time, and he has developed the instincts of a domestic dog over the years, due to the dog-like treatment he's getting from his friends, in a playful way. They're often taking him out any time they can and playing with him like they would a pet. Derek has also matured physically and vocally. His voice has dropped, resulting in a new deep sound. Due to the low, deep tone it sounds like he always has a morning voice, but it's obvious it's his actual voice. The reason his friends claim he has a permanent morning voice is because of the husky, low tone he has.

::RP Information::

Strengths : Socializing; Anything athletic; He was raised to be a 'real man' as his father claims, resulting in typical gentleman behavior, most of the time.

Weaknesses : Silver; The darkness, for he cannot see; Heights, for they make his knees feel weak and he starts re-thinking everything that lead to him standing at the height

RP POV : 3rd Person

RP style : Determined later on, I'm unsure of how to classify it
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Aria Bello

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Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel Empty
PostSubject: Re: Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel   Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 07, 2016 7:51 pm

Accepted! You may now start roleplay! Have fun.
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Derek Reynolds :: Male :: Werewolf x Fallen Angel
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