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No, we are not based on the tv show, Supernatural, however we are a group centered around supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, etc...
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Aramii Davidson

Aramii Davidson

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PostSubject: ~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~    ~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~  I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2016 8:32 pm

Aramii Davidson

"Insanity is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on what type of insane. I however, am the psychotic type of insane, but unlike most, I'm enjoying every single second of it." ~UNKNOWN

Human Form:
~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~  Anime_girl_in_hoodie_by_shigokuboy-d8ixwx0.jpg.75484d4e23f264ccc0d70210dc8ba4be

Demon Form: ~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~  Little_shadow_demon_by_littleshadowdemon-d32nek8

General Information~

Character Full Name: Aramii Riotu Davidson
Nicknames: Ara (only her best friends can call her this), and Mii Mii. (Again, only her closest friends can call her this.}
Age: 95 years as a demon, 109 including her human years ~Although she looks to be fourteen due to when she was converted~
Gender: Female
Species: Northern Shadow Demon
Diet: Human souls and flesh, but Amarii does not always enjoy this, she sometimes feeds on rat blood and dark matter. Her drink of choice is a deadly concoction of black widow venom, and Black mamba venom mixed with human blood.


Full Body Appearance:

Aramii has silvery blonde hair, instead of the usual black for her kind, and she has gleaming brownish pink eyes. She often wears a half black and half white hoodie, and she sometimes wears right red combat boots. She wears tattered black jeans. When she does not have her combat boots on, she walks around bare foot. She wears an indigo tee shirt, that, when she doesn't wear her hoodie, show cases her muscular and pale arms. She is abnormally slender, and the abnormality of her shape doesn't end there, she has very long legs and arms that make up most of her body. Her face is elegant with high cheek bones and a pointed chin. She often has dark circles under pinkish eyes from nights of staying up late. She has a red tattoo of barbed wire around her neck concealing scars from self harm. She also has a bloody rose tattoo on her left shoulder in honor of her deceased feline friend, Rosie.  

Height: Aramiiii has reached her max height at five feet and nine inches. this is rather average for a shadow demon.

Weight: 85 pounds. Being made almost entirely out of darkness, Aramii is extremely light.

Hair Color: Silvery blonde
Eyes: a brownish pink

Items: she often carries around a small angel feather, she uses this to shift back into her human form.
Weapons: in her hum form, she caries a sacrificial dagger, with a hilt of gold and a blade of ruby.

In her shadow form, she needs no weapons, as she has sharp claws and teeth.

Extra: Aramii has a barbed wire tattoo around her neck, she also has a rose tattoo on her shoulder.

~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~  Beloved-thorn-barbed-wire-tattoos-on-neck

~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~  Gothic-rose

Personal Information~



"Why should I listen to you? I don't even Know you."


"You showed them no mercy... You deserve none either. I will first rip out your hairs and nails. Then I will kill you slowly by cutting off your limbs one by one."

~Flirtatious... in a really really weird way~

She winked as she pulled out her dagger, the gemstone blade glinting in the sunlight. "Well then, I'm the only one aloud to threaten you sweetie." She gently put the knife to his neck, drawing a drop of fluid, then drew it away with a loud giggle, licking the drop of blood off of the tip.

~Kind to animals~

"Aw, look at the poor thing." She bent down, picking up the injured crow and swaddling it's wing in bandages. "Let's get you to the hospital." she cooed to the bird, running off.

~multiple personalities~

one second, she was the most kind girl he had ever seen, the next, she was holding a knife to his throat and cackling as her own blood spilled down her face.
  Who knew how many personalities she had, and there was no telling what would happen if she decided to give in to them.


Aramii cackled and strode forward, tripping on air, she caught herself and laughed, drawing her sacrificial blade, she made deep gouges in the ground, and then some in her arm, letting the blood spill onto the dusty earth, "what are you doing?!" He yelled at his friend, taking a small step back as she made more slices in her arms. "Gardening..." She told him, her voice was high pitched and childish. It was very disturbing.

Likes: Darkness, her knife, the fear of others, respect
Dislikes: light, disrespect, her own fear, losing her knife
Fears: losing her knife, light, her friends' deaths

Voice Actor: Evanescence
Family & Friends~

Parents:unknown and deceased

Siblings: none

Important Others: Her pet, Zimabor, or Zimmy, is a shadow hound. Aria, her best friend, and Kurt, Her other best friend.  ~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~  Art_coursework_shadow_creature_by_spooky_noodle666-d8l63o0



Aramii was born as a normal human, just like any other shadow demon, she had a loving mother and father, and she also had an older sister who was very protective of her. At the age of two she and her sister would play in the woods. A young Aramii would see shadows in the trees. She thought they were watching her. Unfortunately, she was right. She kept seeing the shadows, and she told her parents about it, Aramii's parents dismissed it as an overactive imagination. Unfortunately, that belief wouldn't last for long. Aramii and her sister continued playing in the woods for years, oblivious to the disaster just around the corner.


     three years later, When Aramii was five, Tragedy struck. The family decided to go to the beach, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everything was perfect. Aramii's mother and father had laid down towels and watched their children play in the waves and build sand castles together. The two sisters soon became bored of the same old activities and went to explore the nearby forest, the new family dog, Zimabor decided to follow his two young mistresses into the wooded area. The shadows of Aramii's early childhood were there as well, but this didn't surprise the young human, as the creatures followed her everywhere. However this time it was... Different... That was when it happened, when tragedy struck the sisters. The shadows lurched forward, swirling Around a screaming five year old Aramii, Zimabor bit at the shadows, but they enveloped him as well. Aramii's sister ran screaming back to her parents, but it was too late, Aramii was already long gone, Stolen by the shadows.


Aramii was raised by the shadows for many years, until the day she turned fourteen. The female human was then converted into a Shadow Demon. Aramii was tied to a tree by a shadow, the ropes so tight she had lost circulation in her wrists. It was then that the Shadow creatures lit the flame. A flame, as violet as a flower, and as hot as any normal flame. The shadow monsters did the same to Zimmy, however, the German shepherd was less than amused. eventually the first of the flame lapped at Aramii's toes, eventually singing them black. The human screamed, hoping that someone could hear her. However, no one did, and The human girl was son covered in the fire, her screams growing softer as the flame drew the humanity out of her and replaced it with the power of the demonic. Aramii lost her human soul along with all her memories that night, and her personality was rewritten.
From that night on, The innocent girl would never be the same.

~Allies depart~

Aramii soon awoke as a full demon beside her new shadowhound. She only knew her name, her age, and she knew that Zimabor was hers. The newly converted demon was sent off into the world to hunt and make friends. All her friends were human however, and she had to watch them grow sick and die, Aramii eventually grew tired of this and attempted to end her own life through slicing open the back of her windpipe. To her dismay, she was rushed to the Supernatural hospital where her life was saved. The young demon soon took to cutting her wrists and forearms. When she was dispatched from the hospital, she began her path to cruelty and madness.

~A sliver of hope~

  One day when the now two year old demon (if you count her human years she's 16) was wondering the woods, she heard someone or something moan, in pain it seemed. She followed the sound to see a male. He had brown hair and glowing amber eyes, he was wearing a tattered brown shirt and pants, and the shirt was stained red with blood.His face was gaunt and his eyes dull. Arami still had a small portion of kindness let in her heart and this small amount of kindness urged the female to help the male. She  brought him to the hospital where he was saved by the nurses. Aramii had stayed until the eidolon woke up and they instantly became friends. Kurt and Aramii have been best friends ever since. Aramii met her werewolf friend many many years later when she was eighty six in demon years. When Aramii had her friends with her, everything was perfect, and she felt like nothing could go wrong.

~Descent into Madness~
     Aramii was walking with her friends when it happened, her first vision. Her fist vision was of herself. In real life, she had frozen mid-step, her eyes wide and pupils tiny. Kurt had shook her shoulders when the mumbles of "oh gods no.. oh no please no..." began. In her vision, Aramii saw her future self leap in front of Aria, then screaming and sobbing as a blade pierced her stomach. Blood had sprayed everywhere. There were two unknown people there, a pink haired girl and an angel with black wings. Where was Kurt though? That was when her second vision started, She saw Kurt hit the ground with an awful scream, a scream that ripped her heart open. She watched as his eyes began to blaze, their glow was now blinding. She watched her future self scream and abandon the monster she was fighting. She watched herself cradle Kurt's head in her arms with tears in her eyes. Aramii tensed as she watched herself kiss Kurt's forehead. When she woke up from her vision, she was in shock, she hadn't cried in real life, which surprised her. A few weeks later was when Aramii tried to tell Kurt what she saw, Her throat had closed up and she had lost her voice. When she realized she couldn't tell anyone, she began to go mad. Every night the female would cry herself to sleep, sometimes screaming. Eventually, she developed a fear of sleep, and that is why she has dark circles under her some what bloodshot eyes.  


Part of the reason Aramii is as insane as she is, is because she knows how she and her friends will die. This haunts her every night. Each time she tried to warn them however, she goes mute. This literally drives her insane.

RP Information~

Strengths: darkness, the fear of others, rubies, her own kind, her shadow form, her friends, Lunar platinum and copper
Weaknesses: light, her own fear, her human form, being surrounded by crowds, angels, celestial gold and silver
Rp Point of View: 3rd person
Rp Style: intermediate to advanced.


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~Aramii Davidson~ Shadow Demon~
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